Forget that tired old manila envelope joke, a new case by a company called Boa may just be the snuggest, sleekest wrapper for your MacBook Air. The Fashion Sleeve is plush-lined and offers what Boa calls "minimalist protection." At just .65mm thin, it's allegedly the thinnest Airbook case on the market. After seeing the pic, though, we theorized we could go thinner still by slipping a (large) condom over the thing. Here are the video results of our failed attempt to invent the official Gizmodo condom MBA case:


So, it works. Kind of. Seven failed attempts, largely punctured by the Air's surprisingly sharp edges (plus occasional clumsiness with fingertips during stretching), one successful try achieving a maximum coverage of 30% of the laptop. That's from a standard European condom, mind you. You may still want to experiment at home with some Magnums.

And now we really need a Boa case to wipe all that icky lubricant from the Air's outsides: Its synthetic micro-knitted fibers will wipe the aluminum clean of fingerprints and dust (hopefully lube, too) as you slide it in and out. See guys? We suffer for you, we really do. Anyway, the Boa Fashion Sleeve is available now for $30 each, in a choice of 21 spring-theme colors with more colors available in the summer. [Boa]