If you're beyond emo all the way into Goth, these Body Bag Bean Bags will serve as a macabre decoration for your living room that will make it seem more like that dream morgue you've always wanted. Add to these furnishings a dripping faucet sound effect reverberating through the room, and the effect is complete. The bean bags, crafted in three sizes—dead large, dead medium, and dead small—are part of a "Dark Designs" art show featuring London artist Joe Riley.

Even though from the outside it looks like there's a body inside, snuggle up next to it and you'll quickly discover that it's soft and comfy-cozy. That's just enough to warm the cockles of even the coldest of Gothic hearts. Just a concept so far, but if enough people want one, we're sure the artist would be more than happy to comply.

Joe Riley [Udder News, via OhGizmo]