Bona-Phone, Stealing iPhone Thunder

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With all the innovations surrounding the iPhone, we didn't expect a product like the Bona-Phone to come along and steal the limelight. Featuring breakthroughs like "touch-bone" dialing and easy-to-hold shaft design, the learning curve of the $30 Bona-Phone is considered much lower given its organic, intuitive design. Trust us, if Meredith Viera was demoing the Bona-Phone on the Today Show, she would have had no problems "answering" the thing.

Product Page [via nerdapproved]

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Exactly like the iPhone. I wouldn't carry this one, either, although for slightly different reasons.

It does appear to be land-line, not mobile, however. Besides, you would have to be pretty gutsy to be in a restaurant and pull that out to answer a call.