Booster Blades: Honorable Suicide

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When the day comes, if you don't have the cojones for seppuku we recommend the Booster Blades for a respectable self-offing.


Designed as a cross between a bicycle and inline skates, apparently you pedal more than you skate...and you look like a tool more than you do either.

Hit the jump for a brief video that displays the concept in its full flash embedded action.

Illustration for article titled Booster Blades: Honorable Suicide

Why was the video so short? Editors had to cut out the part when the skater skated instead of pedaled. Not only did he get a nasty bruise, but the clashing of two such disparate self-powered transportation technologies opened a wormhole that destroyed that section of our universe.

The Booster Blades are just moving into production. Look for them at a fine infomercial near you.

Product Page [via randomgoodstuff]


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@deusdiabolus: Now those are insanely sweet. I put an order in 30 seconds after seeing the video. My only concern involves stopping, because they didn't really show anyone doing that... but, because of the speed atained in a few of those clips, I would have to assume it can be done.

@embee: That was funny for two reasons, both reasons being diametrically opposed. If you were ribbing (for our pleasure) Gawker, good on ya. If you were being serious... well, then your just a tool. But still funny!

Gawker: why have you not implemented the "reply to post" that [] uses? Don't you guys all share the same tech?