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Boring but Important Stuff

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"Dad, you N00B! You totally effed up my damn WOW configuratin!"—charman

Well for all you solar addicts there's a new kingpin in town, Tesco USA. Yes that's right, the American devision of the British supermarket chain has commissioned Solar Integrated Technologies to build them the biggest roof-top solar panel in the world. And keeping with the goodwill theme, Microsoft is setting up a version of the Windows Live search engine called Click4TheCause. This site will donate $.01 per search until March 31, 2007 to a charity that helps refugees. Now it couldn't be all good news, could it? Mark Cuban, the same guy who has been claiming that anyone who would buy YouTube is a "moron" is now also saying that BitTorrent sucks for consumers. Now Mark this wouldn't have anything to do with that company HDNet that you own, would it? And finally Verizon has decided that in 2007 they will start focusing on apartments for their FiOS service. And as someone who is both an apartment dweller & eagerly awaiting FiOS, I can confidently say "It's about frickin' time!"


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well at least Microsoft is doing something right. I wouldn't mind using Live search until the end of March. It sounds like a pretty good deal to me : search for something = money that goes to help refugees. Does google or yahoo have something similiar like this?