Bossy Toothbrush Tells You How to Clean

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If an electric toothbrush isn't high-tech enough for you, then you could kick it up a notch with the Triumph with SmartGuide. The brush monitors how you are cleaning your teeth - time, area and pressure, and sends that information back to a base station. This base station, which can be stuck on a bathroom mirror, then tells you where and for how long you should be focusing in order to get a thorough and even brushing.


This gadgetry doesn't come cheap though, costing as much as a trip to the dentist at $280. It will be available in the UK from next month.[Spuch]

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I already own one of those since 5 months. I got me one at a Dental Show called IDS here in Germany.

They told me it'll be sold at a retail price of 160 € o_O

I got it for 30 € lol...

I've already used about EVERY Oral B electric toothbrush but this one really kicks ass ^^

You get all clean teeth and you don't hurt your gum applying to high pressure.

That truly is the best toothbrush I've ever used (+ it has this geeky display :D).