Bottoms Up Doorbell

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Designer Peter van der Jagt from Greener Grass Design offers "Bottoms Up," a doorbell that toasts your guests' arrival with the charming ring of two fine crystal wine glasses. It uses a conventional electromagnet with a hammer on the end, clinking and clanging the glasses with the push of a button.

We say it's about time somebody got creative with doorbells, a largely ignored backwater in this techno-gadget carnival in which we live. People are falling all over themselves for all manner of cheesy ringtones for cellphones, but for doorbells all we get are a few chintzy midi noises and a bunch of ding-dongs. It just needs to be done for less than the $235 you'll pay for these upside-down wine glasses. Available June 1.


Product Page [Greener Grass Design, via productdose]