Bout' Time: Sprint's Web-Capable Phones Getting Real Web Browsers

Illustration for article titled Bout Time: Sprints Web-Capable Phones Getting Real Web Browsers

Instead of unreadably cramming the internets into half-assed mobile browsers, Sprint's rolling out a full-fledged browser for "virtually all" of its phones that can do the web dance. They're using Openwave's OpenWeb, which supposedly will make for a more desktop-like and less crap-like internet experience, even on sites not optimized for mobile devices. It'll hit handsets in a couple weeks. [Treo Central]


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What shocks me about so many people saying "nobody uses Sprint" is that Sprint has the best data plan in the industry. Cheaper and least restrictive of all the carriers. You'd think people here would be standing in line to use them!

If this will run on my Treo 650, I'll be happy, though I may upgrade my phone soon, anyway.