Bowers & Wilkins C5 Headphones Will Probably Actually Stay on Your Head

B&W makes golden-sounding stuff—but for a high-end audio firm, it's pretty odd that they only make a single model of headphones. And the P5s, although terrific, are nothing you could ever jog with. The new C5s? Probably!

The design itself is pretty neat—in-ear headphones that attach via an expanding loop made from the audio cord, bracing itself against the inside of your ear to stay put. B&W says it's comfortable—we'll see! But what could really set these apart is not sounding mediocre, which is what you'd expect from your average set of small buds. B&W is promising good noise isolation (not canceling), but features-wise, they're pretty ordinary—just hope that the company's usually-outstanding sound quality makes it in when the £150 C5s arrive next month. [B&W]


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