Illustration for article titled Boxee Box is More Solid Than Logitechs Google TV Box and Rivals Apple TV, Says iFixit

So it's shipping, and will support Netflix and Hulu Plus before the end of the year, but what's actually inside D-Link's Boxee Box? iFixit found "build quality that rivals Apple's [TV]," and "is much more solid than the Logitech Revue."


Internally, there's a Intel CE4110 processor ticking away at 1.2GHz, which is the same Logitech used in the Revue for Google TV. 1GB of Nanya DDR3 SDRAM, along with 1GB of Toshiba NAND memory and a Realtek ethernet component, all work together to ensure video outputs at 1080p.

Overall, iFixit found it relatively easy to prise the Box open, marking it 7/10 for repairability. [iFixit]

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