Boxee Is Working on a GoogleTV Android App

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This is exactly the sort of thing we hoped would happen when Google announced GoogleTV: according to The Candler Blog, Boxee, beloved makers of Home Theater PC software, is working on an Android app.


Of course, just what a Boxee GoogleTV app would do is unclear. There's certainly going to be a decent amount of functionality overlap between a standard GoogleTV setup and a Boxee Box. But you've got to assume that a Boxee app designed to work with GoogleTV would add features missing rather than just give you a different UI to do similar things. Time will tell! [Candler Blog]



I'd like to see GTV end up as the hub for other media devices...

For example:

Blu-Ray and DVD playback support, so I could just add an external BD drive to play optical discs.

Support for external TV tuners, so I could use this as a DVR.

More video ports, so this can act as a switcher/scaler for video game consoles, VCRs, LD players, and satellite tuners.

By adopting a plug and build approach, rather than having to install discrete devices for each function, this could really consolidate and simply the home media experience. (Not to mention making things cheaper overall.)