Boxee's New Live TV Dongle Gives You Another Reason to Ditch Cable

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Boxee just announced a new dongle that'll let Boxee users watch Live TV on their Boxee Box. Sounds cool! Well, sort of. Boxee's Live TV only supports local networks and costs 50 bucks but it will route everything you watch through Boxee's sweet interface.


The Live TV dongle comes with an HD antenna to grab over the air signals that the local networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX) beam out already. You can, of course, grab those signals with a regular ol' antenna set up but with Boxee's Live TV, you'll be able to watch everything under the Boxee umbrella. And that's a good thing! Cable companies are money mongering monsters with exorbitant fees and cringe inducing interfaces. Boxee smartens up Live TV a bit by organizing shows in an easy to understand format (with the option to watch past episodes from the web) that's much, much prettier. It's like turning your Boxee Box into a cable set top box replacement.

The downside is of course that you're essentially paying 50 bucks for an antenna that won't add any DVR feature or have PC/Mac support. Still, for Boxee users who want a super convenient solution to ditch cable, Boxee's Live TV just gave you a little more reason. The Boxee Live TV dongle comes out January 2012 for $50. [Boxee]

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ever since the HD TiVos they have included an ATSC [HD OTA] tuner. Grab a $20 antenna from your local Wally-K-Target-Shack and you have OTA DVR..... usually you can find an HD Tivo [if not the newest box] for under $100 and then its just $13/mo for the DVR Fees.

Everytime one of these Roku/Boxee/Apple TV boxes comes out or adds functionality and I get tempted to buy I remind myself that its already on my TiVo....