Brace Yourself, Sheila, Playboy Rumored to be Launching Branded Cell Phone

Whispers abound that Playboy is about to launch itself into the mobile phone market, with LG, Motorola and Siemens (well, whaddaya know?) most likely front-runners to carry the iconic bunny badge on their mobiles. Anyone have any questions? I know I do...

1. Is the Playboy phone aimed at anyone else apart from tweenagers and 25-year-old male virgins?
2. Will it come in pink?
3. Will it have a larger-than-normal earset?
4. Just how seismic will the vibrate mode be?
5. Are you going to have "ringmoans" instead of ringtones?
6. How about free calls to sexy chat line operators?
7. Why didn't you just stick a keyboard on a dildo and have done with it?


Playboy looking to enter cellphone game? [Electronista]

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