Brando's Flexible Wireless Keyboard

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If there's one thing we wish we could do in our day, it's type in the bathtub. With this Wireless Multimedia Flexible Keyboard from Brando, we can almost do that. Much better than the Bendi Light-up Keyboard (because that one's got wires), this wireless one uses the 2.4GHz frequency to give you the freedom to take your typing anywhere.


Plus, since it's "virtually indestructible" and "water-resistant," you can probably chance taking it into the tub without completely breaking it. Just don't submerge it entirely underwater. The shock from two AAA batteries may not kill you, but it does sting the gonads a bit.

Product Page [Brando]



While this would be cool in hazardous environments where a normal keyboard would all gibbered up in a hurry, I've tried one of the wired variety, and it feels terrible. I like my old-school clackity keyboards, thanks.

/ Yes, JustAnotherMatt's crotch would classified as a "hazardous environment". Just ask his neighbor's dog.