Braun Pulsonic—Closest Electric Shave Ever?


The last time I went hands-on with a grooming device I was trying to grow hair. As life would have it, this time I'm trying to shave it with Braun's new Pulsonic razor. The $239 machine claims it gives the closest shave you can get from an electric razor. How'd it do? Coming from a guy who's been wet-shaving all his life, not bad.

The Pulsonic has a flexing/pivoting head designed to reach those hard-to-get areas. I wish the head would've flexed a bit more, 'cause I had to make multiple passes around my chin to get a close shave. But I found out that the more I used it, the easier that got.

The Pulsonic's motor delivers over 10,000 vibrations per minute, which the folks at Braun claim will expose and shave more hair. The first time I used it—it left a few patches here and there. Not to mention my neck was tomato red. (To be fair, this was the first time I had used an electric razor in years).


The second time I used the Pulsonic, I still had to make multiple passes, but my face wasn't as red afterwards and by the third time, shaving was noticeably smoother and quicker. Shaving around and below my chin is the only problem area. But if I'm in a rush or traveling, that shouldn't be a hassle.

The razor comes with a Clean & Renew System. Dunk the razor in and the unit will do the cleaning for you. The cleaning solution will cost you around $10 for a two-pack. Each pack lasts about 6-8 weeks. The downside is that at one point or another, you're gonna have to clean the cleaning system. So there's really no way around it.

I'm still a wet-shave kinda guy. The Pulsonic comes damn close, but there's just no comparison. Where the Pulsonic wins is convenience. In less than five minutes I can get a nice, close shave and not have to worry about cuts. That alone would make me drop $200.



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I use the Norelco electric wet/dry. The one with the 'goo' but I don't use the goo. I use Tend Skin shave gel and do the whole thing in the shower. The only difference I can tell between doing it this way and with my Mach 3 Power is that when I shave with the blade I get awful razor bumps— and yes, I'm doing it right and I replace the blade every 4 days.

With the electric, I get NO red marks, a very close shave (because I put the extra effort into finding the rough spots and hitting them again) but it doesn't seem to last as long.