Breastlight: A Light for Breasts

OK, no tit jokes on this one because breast cancer is a serious matter. This is Breastlight, a home appliance that will help women monitor bosoms for lumps.

While the manufacturer claims that Breastlight is not a substitute for a professional mammogram screening, the $125 device could be a potentially lifesaving device, as it could be used as a monitoring and early warning gadget at home. Women are advised to use their hands to feel their breasts for lumps in the shower, but with this light they can actually see what is going on and see changes through time. In the case she finds something weird, they can go to the doctor for an expert opinion. And if it's nothing, great. But better be an alarmist than sorry.

The Breastlight—which comes with a temperature sign to warn about overheating and has rechargeable batteries—only activates at full power when the lens get in contact with the skin. And yes, you may be able to do the same with a really powerful flashlight, but I will advise against that. [Breastlight via Medgadget]

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