Brian The Brain; Possibly Blam's Brain In Toy Form

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Brian the Brain, by Hammacher Schlemmer, is better than your average pal because he is animatronic, packed with surprisingly useful features and will not have sex in your bed while you are out, just for laughs. Hit the jump to catch a video of him in action.


The robotic brain includes the following features packed into its colour changing matter:

A complete edition of The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, an English dictionary and a world history timeline. Further, Brian will respond to verbal prompts, initiate conversations and build a profile of the user from their responses. An onboard database can store telephone numbers; the bot can then be hooked up to a phone line to act as a telephone. Dialing by voice command or by direct input via the keyboard is possible and inbuilt speakers act as the sound output device during a call. The same speakers can also be used to playback your tunes, by connecting your MP3 player. The robot stands a fairly large 13.75"x11.75"x10" and is powered by three AAA batteries. The do-it-all device will ship on 21/09/07 and will retail at $119.95.

Brian the Brain sure as hell does a lot. In fact, being a multitasking brain box, he has the exact credentials of Gizmodo's commander-in-chief. How sure can we be this is not really Blam? There are striking similarities; they are both called Brian, both have a brain and eerily, both have keyboards physically attached to them. Blam the Brain? You decide. [Product Page via Ubergizmo].



That reminded me of Spicoli in Fasttimes. "That was my skull....., I'm so wasted." It's about time someone made a robot that didn't have the snobby english accent.

"Well if you're here and I'm here, it's our time. Well , what's wrong with a little pizza on our time?"