Brick Bowl promises to deliver some great Lego commercials

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UK-based animation studio A+C Studios is planning on delivering some recreations of the commercials that will play during some event called The Superb Owl over the weekend. 36 hours after commercials are aired, A+C will deliver an animated movie, built with Lego, depicting a story based on those ads.

The team will eat and sleep Lego, working in a 5000 sq ft, state-of-the-art animation studio which has been converted into a Lego Mecca - complete with thousands of bricks and a Lego training camp to teach the animators the art of creating brick movies.

Once the clock starts, the team will watch the ads unfold live at the studio and begin to create the storyboard.

Dan Richards, Creative Director at A+ C Studios comments:

There's a limit to what we can plan until we see the ads of course, but we've got the logistics and contingency in place so that we can let loose with the bricks. Having all this Lego waiting to be built is killing the team here, it's like Christmas Eve!


I imagine their idea will create something pretty great and we will definitely share the final product once it is available.

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