Bring your Happy Friends Down with a Bump with the Pessimist's Mug

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Click to viewIf you're the kind of person who always sees the negative side of everything, then the Pessimist's Mug could be worth investing in. Never again will you have to complain about your cups overflowing with joy/liquid/breasts, as your attitude is writ large for everyone to see as you sip your morning coffee. Designed by the "perpetually miserable," the Pessimist's Mug is not suitable for drinking either milk or White Russians. It costs $9.95, and if you buy it you can moan that you never got your money's worth.


Product Page [Despair via Dizzy Thinks]

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I have had this mug for a couple of years now along with most of their lithogragh collection. I use the mug to hold my shaving soap (yes the old fashioned kind) while I shave. It reminds me every morning that there are fewer and fewer days left and I should give up now.

But then I remember that I can't actually end the day before it begins because I shave with a Mach 3.... DAMNED Safety Razors (shaking my fist at god)!!!!!