British Mac Ads So Much Better Than U.S. Ads


The British Mac ads make the U.S. ads look downright lame in comparison. The actors evoke more of a response (the British suit is a "prick" whereas the U.S. suit is a "tool," said our very own camera dude Blakeley) and, best of all, the ads are actually funny. So here's all of 'em, with our favorite, "Tentacle," front and center.

There, kinda like how the British Office puts the American Office to shame.

Get a Mac - Watch The New Ads [Apple UK and Ireland]


I still love John Hodgeman but these ads are definitely less smug.

Inigo has a point. For the type of people they're trying to switch they really need to spend less time touting music and photo albums and more time touting the fact that they do virtually everything a PC does, only cleaner and with fewer problems. They touch on it, but only vaguely.