Bros of the World, Rejoice: Bud Platinum Packs Extra 1% of Alcohol

The word platinum connotes luxury, influence, perks, the lifestyle of a jetsetter. And now, the crash of a beer pong table flipped over, drowning out the vomit-moans of the girl next to you. Budweiser Platinum is upon us.

Although back in my college days, Keystone Light was the basement nectar of choice, Bud Light is likely the American gold standard for facile binge drinking. Bud and light are both friendly words! So let's drink them. But there's just one problem: regular Bud Light only has a paltry 4.2% alcohol by volume, and even Bud "heavy" has a mere 5%.


Bud Platinum has 6% ABV. Restart your computer. Read it again. Yes—the same taste of mediocrity and regret, now infused with more vision-blurring, shirt-removing power. So, come January, the next time you want to black out, text your ex-girlfriend saying she's a bitch, and then punch a hole in the wall, you'll be able to do it Platinum Style. [HuffPo via FoodBeast]

Original photo: ARENA Creative/Shutterstock

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