Bruce Timm's Next DC Cartoon Is a The Killing Joke Adaptation

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Whoa. Bruce Timm’s only just returned to the world of DC animation with Gods and Monsters, but he’s already announced that he’s back for more: the first ever animated adaptation of one of the most iconic Batman stories ever told.


Announced at the premiere of Justice League: Gods and Monsters at Comic-Con last night, Timm confirmed to the audience that, “Next year we’ll be back at this table” for The Killing Joke, implying another Comic-Con debut for the film. Details were scarce other than Timm’s own involvement with the adaptation, later confirmed by DC alongside the announcement of two other animated movies: Batman: Bad Blood (which will introduce Kate Kane’s Batwoman into the DC animated universe) and Justice League vs. Titans.

Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s 1988 graphic novel is one of the most influential Batman stories ever made—famous not just for its depiction of The Joker’s origin, but also a now-infamous scene where then-Batgirl Barbara Gordon was shot, paralyzed, and sexually abused by the Joker. Although the storyline went on to have a major influence on Batman in allmedia, this will be the first time it has been directly adapted into DC’s animated universe.

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