Bucky Fuller's Back-To-Front Car Gets Re-Imagined by Norman Foster

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Only three of these back-to-front Dymaxions were ever built, but as there's only one remaining it was up to British architect Norman Foster (the man behind some of the most recognizable buildings in the world) to build the fourth himself.

He actually worked with the American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller for almost 20 years, so knew the Dymaxion well. Originally built in 1933, Foster's kept the main style of the car (which Bucky hoped would one day fly), making the shell from hand-beaten aluminum (and painted a glossy green).


The top-half sits on a three-wheeled 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan chassis, but in true Dymaxion style the car is actually back-to-front. The engine is at the back of the car (a V8 Ford, if you're wondering), giving it an even more unreal driving experience.

Unfortunately Foster isn't planning on doing a Model T-style production line for the Dymaxion, with this particular emerald beauty exhibiting in Madrid until the end of October, and potentially embarking on a worldwide tour after that. [Guardian via Treehugger]