Budget GeForce 8400 GS Coming in Two Weeks

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Looking for some DirectX 10 action on the cheap? The guys at ExtremeTech are claiming Nvidia will release a sub-$100 GeForce 8400 card on the 19th of June. It'll come in 256MB ($79) and 128MB ($50) flavors. The cards will be clocked at 450MHz with a 400MHz memory clock. They'll have HDCP support, but no HDMI (naturally at that price point). Either card you get will be a good deal as long as you're not a heavy gamer.


Cheap GeForce 8400 GS on 19th June [VR-Zone via ExtremeTech]

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Hmm... isn't the 8500gt already budget enough? Newegg sells those for $85.00.

Is HDCP support optional? I know for the 8600GT HDCP is optional (so manufactures can include it if they want)... some cards have it, some don't. However, with 8600GTS and above HDCP is required.