Buffalo Is Not The Only Place That Has Ever Received Epic Snow

Predictably, in the wake of the massive snowstorm burying Buffalo, we're getting a lot of mislabelled photos floating around of other, not-Buffalo places buried in snow some time in the past. Here's a few fakes we've spotted.

Top image: Austria, February 2013.

With social media, we all end up being content curators. When you see a particularly amazing image, take a few minutes to check that it is what it claims to be, and that you're quoting the original source. This doesn't need to take a lot of effort: A quick reverse image search lookup can help you identify the first (or at least earlier!) occurrence of the photo online.


@PicPedant points out the snow-beerholder photo is from December 2009 in Scotland.

Recognized more bogus photos claiming to be from the current Buffalo storm? Add 'em in the comments with a caption from where they're really from!


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