Bug Labs Website BUGbase and Module Hardware Details

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Details of Bug Labs and their open source gadget hardware just hit their public website. The BUGbase is the foundation of every project you'd piece together, includes an ARM1136JF-S-based processor running Linux, 128MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, USB Ethernet and a small LCD with buttons.


(And, thoughtfully, a tripod mount which I'm sure can be used to give your creation working tank treads.) Specs are here, but first, the official list of the all-important bug modules, which latch onto the base with steel tentacles to create your pocketable open-source gadget Voltron:
•GPS, Digital/Videocamera, Touchscreen LCD, Accelerometer are officially coming.
•The list of things slated afterwards along a more vague timeframe include a "2x" touch sensitive LCD, QWERTY, speaker with mini jacks in and out and a teleporter.

BUGbase Technical Specifications

* ARM1136JF-S-based microprocessor
* 1 USB 2.0 HS host interface/4 hub port connections
* 1 USB OTG HS interface
* 4 UART serial links
* 4 channel SPI interface
* I2C (400 kbits) interface/4 channels
* I2S interface/2 channels
* Smart LCD interface
* Camera sensor interface
* Micro memory card interface
* MPEG4 hardware encoding/decoding
* Hardware graphic acceleration
* 10/100 Ethernet MAC
* 802.11b/g

* Base unit LCD module interface
* Base unit onboard memory (FLASH/DDR SDRAM)
* JTAG/ICE support
* Serial debug port
* Power system
* AC operation
* Battery operation/up to 4 external batteries
* Fast battery charging/simultaneous of internal and external batteries
* Smart power management support
* Battery-backed real-time clock
* Audio out via onboard piezo speaker


[Bug Labs]

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