First Look at the Bug Labs Open Source Hardware

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Phil Torrone went to a NYC event for Bug Labs where they unveiled the first of their component, open-source hardware for DIY gadgets. More photos over at Make. [Make]


Well the knobby bit on the left daughter board looks like it could be a directional control pot (none of the photos are clear enough to decide for sure) and the one on the right may carry a CCD/CMOS sensor, ambient light sensor and a couple tiny buttons. If you check out the other photos in their Flickr series, you can also see what looks like more buttons along the edges, an SD card slot, a mini USB port, a slider switch and maybe a headphone jack.

MAKE mentions GPS, camera, WiFi, screens and keyboards, but the parts add up to be the innards of a digital camera with media player functionality. I'm wondering why they would use three separate boards or arrange them the way they did is beyond me. Even if their architecture is completely modular, with one basic system board and additional mini-boards to tack on depending on what you to build, it seems a little odd. It *is* supposed to be open source, so why not? I'd have to see a finished device to know for sure.