When your action figures are at war, the last thing they need is a fortress made from stacked wooden building blocks that even a crawling infant could destroy. So the next time you're drawing up plans for a new action figure HQ, why not consider building it using these tiny 1/12-scale cinder blocks that are made from actual cement?

For added durability you'll probably want to mix up and use a little mortar as you're building G.I. Joe's next command center. But even Barbie probably wouldn't mind a stronger California dream house that could easily survive the next big west coast earthquake.

A set of ten of the miniature cinder blocks is $11, but you can bring the per-block price down with the 50 pack that's a little cheaper at $43. And thankfully you don't have to factor in the cost of miniature building permits or even tiny building inspections along the way. [Mini Materials via The Awesomer]

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