From shopping, to decorating a Christmas tree, you’ve got enough to deal with this time of year without having to send friends and family a card reminding them of all their holiday responsibilities. So why not dig out your Lego bin and build this Mindstorms assistant that can churn out all your Christmas cards for you?

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Designed and built by 14-year-old Sanjay Seshan and his 12-year-old brother Arvind, the Holiday Card Plott3r can print create multiple designs including a festive tree and a snowflake. It will even sign Santa’s name for you since it’s the only time of year when forgery isn’t only OK, it’s actually encouraged.

Unfortunately, licking stamps and dropping all the envelopes off at the post office is still something left for your to-do list, but at least you found a way to play with Lego for a bit.


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