Build This Ray Gun Synth That Generates Wonderfully Retro PewPew Sounds

Usually, if you're building your own synthesizer, you have aspirations of composing the next great techno track. But this kit—available from the Maker SHED for just $20—lets you build a wonderful toy ray gun that generates electronic "pewpew" sound effects. And, instead of just cycling through various sounds like you would with a cheap toy, you can use the gun's three adjustable knobs to tweak the wub, bwoop, and bip bip sounds however you like.

Because it comes in kit form, you'll need at least some basic understanding of how to use a soldering gun to put it all together. But, of course, it includes detailed instructions, if you don't quite consider yourself an electrical engineer, and all the components you'll need to harass your co-workers until your new toy mysteriously turns up smashed to bits in your filing cabinet drawer. [MakerSHED]


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