Good lighting is the key to shooting great video, but sometimes just the right kinds of lights aren't available or are too expensive. If you need extreme close-up light that looks nice and soft, Instructables shows you how to make your own LED light array for very little money that's particularly useful in close-up shooting situations.

This portable lighting instrument is made up of four Luxion K2 LEDs, running on a quartet of AA batteries. The arrangement gives you smooth, soft light without sucking up too much battery power. Situating the four LEDs on a square frame around the lens, you add small diffusion holders to keep the lights soft, add heatsinks to keep those LEDs cool, and you're good to go.


The result? A portable light that's cheap to build and does the trick. Jump over to the Instructables site to see a video of the results.

Intimate Video Light [Instructables]