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Builds LEGO Model Inside Bag Without Using Telekinesis

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

OK, last LEGO post of the day unless someone builds a crazy ten million-piece model of the Death Star with a working planet-obliterating laser. Tom Williamson—Giz reader and winner of our gadget PSA contest—is one of the 15 finalists of the Lipton YouTube talent contest. His entry: build a LEGO model inside the bag, without opening it. If he wins, he will get $25,000, which we can only hope he will spend organizing a LEGO toga and LEGO bikini party for all Gizmodo readers who vote for him. Or we will go to his house and beat him until he does. Tom, I got your address.

Hello Jesus,

My name is Tom Williamson, I'm a Giz reader, a fellow LEGO fan and a filmmaker. You might remember me from last year with my winning entry from the Gizmodo PSA video contest. I still have that video in my list.

I wanted to shamelessly whore myself to the loyal readers of Gizmodo. I'm a finalist in a youtube contest by Lipton. My submission is me building a LEGO model in the bag.

This is the contest link, where the voting is taking place.

Have a good day and thanks for your time.


PS, sorry to hear about your lip, that's a seriously ferocious canine :-)