Bummer, the Wonder Woman Movie Will Not Feature the Invisible Jet

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Wonder Woman’s invisible jet is one of the weirdest and most wonderful aspects of the character. It’s so very, very silly, and yet totally awesome, even if it doesn’t make any sense for a superhero who’s had flight powers for decades. But either way, bad news: Diana’s cinematic incarnation will have no jet, invisible or otherwise.

The tidbit of information comes buried at the end of an interview with DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson for People magazine, as part of a feature on DC Comics’ plans to celebrate Diana’s 75th anniversary. Aside from her rebooted Rebirth comic, there’s of course plenty of merchandise on the way—everything from a high-end fashion line by Valentino, to San Diego Comic-Con exclusives like a Barbie based on her Rebirth redesign, and, strangely in the light of this news, a new toy of her invisible jet.


But according to Nelson, who slips the news in right at the end, the one thing next year’s movie will not share with the comics is the jet:

There is no invisible jet. Not in this iteration.

What a shame! Sure, it’d be a little redundant if Diana can leap and fly around in the movies anyway, but come on, the invisible jet is part of the character’s delightful legacy! On top of that, this seems to at least throw water on those old rumors that claimed the jet appears several times in the film.

I mean, it still could, and we’d never notice it. It is invisible, after all.