Burning Godzilla is the coolest Godzilla Toy

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Well, not literally, as he's meant to be melting from the inside out, but you know what I mean. The last of the Heisei Godzillas is getting a NECA figure, and he looks badass.


The figure is based on the ailing Kaiju's appearance in the 1995 Toho film Gojira tai Desutoroia - aka Godzilla vs. Destoroyah - the last of what is known as the 'Heisei' series of Godzilla films in Japan before the much-maligned western re-imagination of the franchise by Roland Emmerich came out in 1998. For those uninitiated, he's all glowing and stuff because Godzilla's heart is going into nuclear meltdown and explode, which is understandably something most people wouldn't want to be near when it happens. The movie got a lot of buzz before it released because it was going to 'kill' Godzilla, which it did - but Godzilla was immediately replaced by his son, Godzilla Jr., at the end. Ah, Kaiju movies, you're so crazy.

Illustration for article titled Burning Godzilla is the coolest Godzilla Toy

The figure itself is 6"-scaled, and comes with a bunch of articulation as well as a bendable tail for you to muck about with and pose as you see fit. Even though the poor fella's burning up, he's still one delightful looking Kaiju. The figure is out in January of next year, and will set you back roughly $20 when it stomps onto shelves.

[Images via Toy News International]

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Nuclear heart burn. That's what you get for eating Tokyo.

Sadly, the static orange isn't really a good depiction of Godzilla burning up from the inside. To me, it looks more like Godzilla has a bad case of eczema (atopic dermatitis).