This picture might look like some kind of tacky holiday decoration, but in fact it's what you get if you manage to photograph a paint-covered balloon just milliseconds after it's popped.

The image was captured by Fabian Oefner, who covered modeling balloons with thick layers of acrylic paint and then snapped plenty of images just after he popped then using a needle. When the balloon explodes it throws the paint in all directions—some of it mixing to create beautiful new shapes and shades. Oefner explains:

“What I particularly love about the images is that, if you look closely, you can see how the individual shades start to mix with each other. Blue and magenta becomes violet, red and yellow becomes orange … within a few microseconds, the paint forms into the most beautiful color combinations … and then it’s gone again.”


The images are certainly beautiful, and if you’d like to see more, go hit up his website. [Fabian Oefner via Colossal via Peta Pixel]

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