Business Card Animation Is the Stuff of American Psycho's Dreams

This rad little stop-motion video made by Australian design firm Messy Design is an awesome, creative use of everyday things. But really, you're a design firm and you left the tripod legs and extension cord in the shot? Tsk tsk. Maybe they're called Messy Design for a reason. [Laughing Squid]


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I don't get what the fuss is all about here. It clearly IS stop motion, with all the moving around and the flickering in the background. The two lines you see over the business cards are the shadows projected from the tripod. Is it possible that some of the animation was done on a computer? Sure, and I would've done the same!

What IS poor is the execution, though. From the tripod shadows, to all the flickering, and the accidental moving of the tripod every now and then. For this kind of video to work, the tripod must be safely isolated so that no one can kick it. And the lighting must be steady, free from people's shadows, for the love of stop motion gods!

Anyways, messy it is!