Buy a Poster of All Your Facebook Friends For $20

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A new service called PrintingFacebook will put your friends' profile pictures—every last one of them—on a high-quality, 20" x 40" poster for just $20. Throw a dart at it to decide which smoldering friendship to rekindle first!

$20 is not that much money. It's like the price of a large pizza, or one goddamn movie ticket here in New York City. So it actually seems like a pretty good price for this mega mosaic of Facebook friends, whether you're buying it to remind yourself that you have pals or to prove their existence to other people.


The posters are being offered by artist Benjamin Lotan to help pay for grad school, and he says that they'll look great for users with anywhere from 200 to 2,200 friends. They're developed with photo chemicals on high-quality photo paper, and the margins and background color are both customizable.


Maybe a bit creepy, but mostly very cool. Now I just need to find like 194 more Facebook friends so mine doesn't look like a Windows Phone 7 homescreen when it arrives. [PrintingFacebook via Laughing Squid]