Buying One Share of Facebook Stock Is a Total Rip Off

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When Facebook stocks begin trading on the market—most likely this Friday—Wall Street hotshots and ordinary folks will be clamoring to get in on the action. Don't worry if you don't have a broker and a fancy investment portfolio because there are plenty of companies more than happy to help you get a single share—for a price. CNNMoney reports:

Buying through a one-share site is generally more expensive for customers than buying through a broker. Both and charge a $39 fee for their services, which include buying the share and procuring the paper stock certificate.

So for $39 plus the price of a share, you get a piece of paper that says you own a teeny tiny piece of Facebook. If you've got an account with a broker on the other hand, trades typically cost less than $10. Buying a single share of Facebook won't make you any kind of wealthy, so hey, might as well throw away your money as efficiently as possible. [CNNMoney via AllFacebbok]

Image courtesy of the SEC