Buzz Lightyear Should Not Be Inside Your Ass

Illustration for article titled Buzz Lightyear Should Not Be Inside Your Ass

Somewhere, someone knows how this Buzz Lightyear action figure wound up in an anus. It could be a long story. It could be a short story. Maybe there's no real story at all. But there is this x-ray.

The image is from the recent hit from powerhouse genre x-rays of weird things inside asses, "Stuck Up!: 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be." This book exists. When would you read it? On the train? In the bathroom? I do not know. Did the Buzz Lightyear figurine in question here have electronic voice actions? I do not know. But we can hope. [Daily What via TMZ]

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Son: Dad, have you seen my Buzz Lightyear?

Dad: Let's just say you've got a friend in me.