Bye Bye OLED, Hello LCD for Some HTC Phones

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You know how OLED screens, like in the Nexus One, are sort of hard to make? Well, shortages mean that HTC's swapping in LCD screens for OLEDs in the Desire, and possibly other 3.7-inch-screen phones, like the Incredible.

They'll continue selling the phones with OLED displays, but now they're adding LCDs to the mix to deal with the OLED drought so they'll have enough phones for people to buy. HTC won't confirm any phone but the Desire is getting the LCD treatment, but don't be shocked if every phone HTC makes with a 3.7-inch OLED screen suddenly has LCD counterparts. Also not known! If they're going to label the LCD so you know exactly which model you're getting. Hopefully, that's a big yes to disclosure.


In terms of the actual LCDs, HTC has a temporary exclusive on this particular LCD from Sony, which HTC says is nearly indistinguishable from the OLED in terms of color and vibrancy. We'll see. At the very least, it'll sorta usable in the sun.

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Samsung cant meet supply for other companies. They just want to focus on having enough for Samsung phones