That time human history was benevolently reset by a higher consciousness.

C2C is a French quartet of master-class turntablists and kind of a big deal. They won the DMC World Competition four times in a row (2003-2006) without breaking a sweat, they blew through the 2013 French Grammy's winning “Best New Artist”, “Best Music Video”, and “Best Live Show,” and you'll probably recognize their single Down the Road as "that one song from the Dr. Pepper commercial."

Their website describes the band's latest album, Tetra, as such:

Tetra opens Pandora’s box, a realm of infinite possibilities, a musical kaleidoscope merging overtones from a 1950’s New York clubhouse and a futuristic London dance floor...The same goes for the vocal tracks, featuring a wide variety of talented vocalists such as rappers Blitz the Ambassador or Pigeon John, Scandinavian singer Jay-Jay Johanson (Give Up the Ghost), soul-man Oliver Daysoul (Who are you), French rock-band Gush, and a truly royal Banquet featuring famous DJs Tigerstyle, Netik, Rafik, Vajra and Kentaro.

The result is simply spectacular.