Cable Capture Tangled Giveaway

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The folks over at Cable Capture were nice enough to supply us with a ton of Cable Capture devices to be given away. The Cable Capture is a simple, stackable device that can store your excess cables—making your electronics more organized and safe.


The prize pack will include 12 Cable Captures, a couple Docking Units and four Cable Capture Jr.'s. The approximate value of this package is $91. What do you need to do to win this? It is simple, prove that you need these. I want to see the messiest, most tangled wirey snake pit of cables—whether it is behind your entertainment center, under your desk, in your toilet, whatever. Whoever has the biggest and most disgusting tangled mess wins.

To enter, take a picture of your tangled mess, make sure it is no wider than 520 pixels and e-mail it to with Cable Capture Tangled Giveaway in the subject line. The deadline is Friday, September 15 at noon, eastern. All of the standard Gawker Contest Rules apply and thanks to Cable Capture for sponsoring this contest.

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Lets see between the 2 monitors, the 12 port hub the, the ups, the computer, the speakers, the receiver, the printer, the multiple game systems, controllers, old laptops, keyboards, cable modem, dvd player with component out, vcr, record player, ipod, 2 tvs, "external powersupply", cell phone chargers, head phone extenders, cable tv line, phone lines, and other assortments of insane wiring gone mad, I not only a crazy wiring mess I gots me a fire hazzard. I'll send in some pics tomorrow if I get a chance but I'll have to find my camera under a mess of wires :)