Californian Bullet Trains Planned With Chinese Know-How

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Not quite as absurd as the rail network planned which will see travel between London and Beijing possible in just two days, but some may think the idea of bullet trains in California is pretty darn crazy.

The Chinese already helped out with building the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1860s, in the form of thousands of emigrants who helped lay the tracks. 140 years later, and California has sought help from China again for building these bullet trains, with 20 per cent of parts originating there. Not to mention the knowledge involved in building bullet trains, which China's got spades of. Despite the US being so vast, train travel hasn't really caught on yet—with cars and planes proving more attractive. Bullet trains would definitely help suck people into the "greener" way of traveling, so I think this sounds like a great plan. [NY Times PopSci]


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Bullet trains in Los Angeles are great until some idiot decides to drive around the crossing arms.