'Call Me' Panty Holds That Vibrating Cellphone Close to Her Hot Spot (NSFW)

Illustration for article titled 'Call Me' Panty Holds That Vibrating Cellphone Close to Her Hot Spot (NSFW)

Ladies, what on earth are you going to do with that cellphone when all you're wearing is a dainty pair of unmentionables? How will you carry it around and still have both hands free? Here's the solution: the Call Me panty, a dual-purpose garment that adds new meaning to the phrase "eagerly awaiting your call." Just set that handset on vibrate, slip it into the Call Me panty's perfect-sized front pouch, and even telemarketer interruptions will be welcome. Let's take a look at a couple of NSFW videos of these kangaroo-like panties in action, and you get bonus points if you can identify the accent of the sultry camel-toed temptress cooing throughout the steamy demo (NSFW).


Kangaroo-like? I got yer joey, right here. [Techie Diva]



Every woman I know occasionally puts her cell phone in her bra, as sometimes we have no where else to keep them. This is especially true during any type of athletic activity. Many time we have no pockets, we dislike belt clips as they dont really hold and we dont like the bulk around our waists, and anything on a lanyard bounces around to much. I would gladly welcome any cell carrier that worked, but I dont think the panty solution is best, even if it does have OTHER advantages. Someone please invent a cell carrier we ladies can really use and like.

Just dont make it pink.