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Camera+: "VolumeSnap Is Back!!"

Illustration for article titled Camera+: VolumeSnap Is Back!!

Three months after being booted from the App Store for employing, "iPhone volume buttons in a non-standard way," the popular Camera+ app is once again for sale—volume-button functionality and all.


The original version of Camera+ was, of course, pulled for including an "easter egg," unlockable by the end user, that allowed the program to trigger a shutter release via the phone's external volume buttons—a feature that also mimicked Apple's as-of-unveiled virtual shutter button. Camera+ has been resubmitted and does include the same taboo feature, but since Apple has recently implemented a similar technology, the prodigal app has been re-approved. Its latest version, Camera+ 2.4, includes auto-stabilization, one-touch exposure and focus, and 6x digital zoom in addition to the fast-snapping capabilities of shoulder-mounted shutter releases. It's currently available through iTunes for $1. [iTunes via Cult of Mac]

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For one thing, It was back on the app store like a day after it was yanked, albeit with the shutter button feature gone. It's been there ever since. I've had it since it came out, and it's gone through several versions and keeps getting better.

I personally thought it was telling that Apple added the feature to their own camera after going through the kerfluffle over Camera+ anyway.

Also, noteworthy: The inline headphone vol+ button also works as a shutter release.