Cameraphones Banned from the Oscars, Especially the Motorizr Z3

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Motorola's been giving away cellphones to stars at the Oscars for at least the past 8 years. But this year, Motorola's relationship with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has soured. Some blogs that wrote about Motorola's free Z3 phones, and the accompanying limited edition gift box that will be given to all the nominees, received swift emails from the Academy's lawyers reminding them that Motorola is not "debuting" the Z3 at the Oscars, because it is not affiliated with the official event in any way. The letter goes on to say that attendees won't even be allowed be able to arrive with the phones, since camera's and camphones aren't allowed at the award ceremony either. Plus, no gift bags this year. What are they going to take away next, Joan Rivers' red carpet interviews? People magazine's Best and Worst Dressed list? The dance numbers that accompany best original song?


Read on for the complete memo...

To the Attention of the Editor: I am writing on behalf of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with regard an article or press release posted on your web site ( on the subject of the Motorola Rizr (Motorizr) Z3 phone and the 79th Annual Academy Awards(r). We suspect it is based upon a press release by Motorola, a copy of which is posted on their website at: The Academy believes this press release is misleading, and that you and/or your readers may be confused that Motorola is somehow affiliated with or sponsoring the Academy Awards(r). In particular, the Academy wishes to point out that Motorola will not in fact be, "...debuting its not-yet-available Motorizr Z3 at the 79th Annual Academy Awards(r)." Motorola is neither an official Academy sponsor nor provider, nor will a nominee even be allowed to carry this type of phone at the Academy Awards (guests are not allowed to bring cameras, including phones with a camera feature). Additionally, it should be made clear that the Academy does not give, and has never given, gift baskets to its nominees. We have in the past given gift baskets to our award presenters, but you may or may not have heard that this practice has recently been discontinued (see

In light of the above information, the Academy would appreciate your revising or removing this article or press release.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Very truly yours,

Scott Miller
Assistant General Counsel
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

cc: Motorola



Um.. are you kidding me? Camera phones are not allowed at the Oscars? You can pretty much bet that every single person in that place will have a cellphone and if it's been purchased in the last 5 years, it most definitely has a camera/video option. What are they going to do? Confiscate everyones phone at the door? "Excuse me Miss Diaz but we are going to have to give you a pat down. Checking for contraband camera phones you know."