Campus Shooting at UC Berkeley (Updating Live)

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A shooting has occurred at University of California, Berkeley—the home of some of Silicon Valley's upcoming best and brightest. Update: Police say they have a suspect in custody.

According to a Twitter witness report, "about 10 shots were fired in a computer lab" at Berkeley's Haas School of Business. A call to the university's police department confirmed the incident, which is "under control" according to a spokesperson.

• Another Twitter report says the shooting happened in the computer lab's 3rd floor


• "Choppers are here, media is here. All classes are canceled today. Everyone seems to be ok. Paramedics stretchered one person out," tweets a Haas MBA student.

• Campus police are still urging the public to stay away from the scene of the shooting.

• is reporting the shooter has killed himself, according to campus police. It remains unclear whether any of those other shots caused damage or injury.

• ABC reporter Lyanne Melendez clears up Berkeleyside's misleading report, confirming with campus police that the shooter was shot by officers, not himself:

Police say they received a call at 2:15 saying there was a man with a gun at Haas. Police shot the man and was sent to Highlands Hospital.


• Berkeley student J.D. Morris relayed this image of the crowd surrounding the crime scene.

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Unsurprisingly, info on this shooting has moved via social channels faster than any traditional outlet could ever touch it. Here's a stream of Twitter's rapid response in the wake of the shooting.


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