Can a Substantial Kindle Fire Software Update Silence Its Critics?

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Since its launch the Kindle Fire has received mixed reviews, though it must be said: we like it. But in the past few weeks software bugs have been piling up — and Amazon hopes to fix that with an impending update.


If it isn't trouble with wifi connectivity, it's slower-than-promised web browsing, or even some reports of screen lag. Basically, the Kindle Fire isn't quite perfect.

But Amazon has told the New York Times that it's to release a big software update for the Kindle Fire "in less than two weeks." The over-the-air update will include performance updates and the ability to edit the list of recently used items on the home-screen carousel. (Though why that wasn't included from the off is a complete mystery). No longer will your girlfriend pick up your Kindle to see your browsing habits splashed all over the home screen.

Whether the update will fix wifi connectivity for good, or help Silk reach the speeds that Amazon promised at launch, is up for debate. If not, I hope the rate at which problems with the Fire are amassing begins to slow, so Bezos and co can sort them out properly in the future.


The New York Times also repeat speculation about a second-generation Fire being launched next spring. How about we get this one right first, though, guys? [New York Times via The Verge]



I think a lot of people go wrong in thinking of the fire as a tablet computer. Computers are made for interacting with users- the Fire is a one way pipe for content. Books, movies, youtube, etc- the farthest you go is telling the fire what you want, and then it feeds it to you. If you're spending hours trying to type out e-mails or office documents, you bought the wrong device.

I run the battery on my fire down daily (although for a $200 device, the battery life is pretty fucking amazing) watching video, reading books, and playing pandora. For all of the hundreds of hours I spend taking information out of it, I only spend a couple minutes putting information in. That's what it's for.

When you buy a Fire, you're buying another window into your amazon account and all of the content you pay for when you get a prime membership. If you're looking for more interactivity than that, buy an iPad.