'Can We Grow Organs Instead of Transplanting Them?'

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In the past, we've labeled Dr. Anthony Atala a mad-but-completely-sane scientist because he's been growing Frankensteinian replacement body parts in his lab for years. But in his recently published TEDMED talk, you'll realize that idea is less sick than inspiring.

I caught up with Dr. Atala after this talk, discussing with him the possibility of a Gizmodo feature on his research that eventually came to fruition. Almost sheepishly, he stressed how skimming over so much research in so little time made each development look simple, when in all reality, the trial and error involved regarding each individual component was staggering.


Either way, it's a fantastic clip—one of those presentations that just makes you excited to be alive (while reaffirming that developments are in the works to keep you that way). [TEDMED]