Can You Believe All This Food Is Actually Jell-O?

I really wish that this was my breakfast today. Sure, you may think it looks ordinary—eggs, pancakes, doughnuts, coffee—but it's actually made entirely from Jell-O. Yup! All Jell-O everything. Unbelievable, right?

These realistic Jell-O creations are part of the third annual Jell-O Mold Competition held recently in Brooklyn, New York and it's drop dead amazing what some of these gelatin artists have been able to shape. Chickens! Coffee! Coffee mugs! Even bullets—and they all taste like Jell-O. The whole gallery is impressively creative and includes even crazier things like dentures, Barack Obama and a can o' shrimp.


It's decided. I think Jell-O art is my new favorite art because you get to eat it afterwards. [Fine Dining Lovers via Geekosystem, Image Credit: Francesca Signori]

This won a Special Jury's Bad-Ass Award. I can see why.


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